Bought all my lobsters and seafood here for the last 20 years!

Andrew Cain

Really neat place where you can pick out your own lobster and other seafood. Friendly and patient employees!

Alaina Murray

There's only one item on the menu, a lobster roll, and it's heaven on a bun. It's crammed with fresh lobster meat drenched in mayo. No fillers. The place is really a seafood market, but there's a fridge with drinks and snacks and a few chairs outside. I'll be back for sure.

Debbie L

The lobster rolls are enough for a five star rating. More of a seafood market than an actual restaurant... definitely will be coming back.

Jisang K.

This is a great little place, recommended to me by a lobsterman in Bar Harbor. He was right on the money. Good prices for being inland, and fresh, delicious lobsters, and nice people who appreciate the business.

Bill Lindsey

Best seafood in the area - Every time I order lobsters, shrimp, or clams, I'm amazed by the freshness and quality. I recently visited Augusta Seafood for raw shrimp. They had just sold out so I settled for cooked shrimp. I expected the flavor to be muted (as it is in the supermarkets) but I was pleasantly surprised by the full flavor and freshness.

The service is incredible because these people are fish mongers - not just clerks and yet the prices are competitive. I whole heartedly recommend this seafood store to everyone who asks.

Sophia T

You can go any day of the week to get a lobster at market value. You can choose which lobster you want right from the tank or just telling them if you want hard or soft shell and how many lbs. You can even have it sent anywhere you want by overnight delivery. Just figure on spending double for the price of the lobster for the shipping charges. They have arriving daily a variety of other seafoods.

Ted L.

Augusta seafood in Augusta, Maine has some of the best seafood in town. You can buy a wide variety of all types of fresh seafood. The prices are better than some of the grocery stores in the area and the products are fresher. They have the best lobsters in town.

Dawn P.

Excellent fresh seafood! The best prices and friendliest people. We needed lobster already pulled apart for lobster salad and they were able to get it ready for us at seven in the morning. Great local store

Tricia Blondin

Great seafood

Troy MacDonald

Great! Bought salmon dinner for 10!!

H Newlove

We've been in search of a good seafood market. Read a review of this place and decided to drop by today and it is a wonder from the vast varieties of fish ( Haddock, Codfish, salmon, Swordfish, Tuna) to the shellfishes. My wife and I bought too much so we,Lloyd be eating fish for days this week fine by me.

David M

Great prices and family atmosphere you come in to buy food and leave feeling like family with service second to none.

Robert Krol

I love this seafood place!! They have excellent variety of seafood ranging from lobsters to fish to clams. Everything is very fresh and is dealt to perfection! I also love their lobster rolls! Very fresh and tasty! Definitely going to come back!

Jessie Wong

They have a great selection of super fresh seafood at reasonable prices. We've always lived on the coast and we're fussy about our fish. We got the cod filets and it was swimming-in-the-sea fresh. We will be buying all our seafood here!

Nick Linda